florrieviridis (florrieviridis) wrote in menstrual_cups,

THAT is simply not going to fit up THERE

I'm fifteen, a virgin, and I bought a MoonCup yesterday (size B, of course). I tried it this morning, although I am coming to the end of my period. I just sat there on the toilet look at it and thinking, 'How the hell is THAT supposed to get up THERE?' The rim alone is enormous. I've never used a tampon before. I feel like there's something wrong with my vagina; I can't get a finger up there. Maybe I'm pushing in the wrong place, I don't know, I'm afraid I'm not greatly educated about 'down there': most of my knowledge genuinely comes from the description of female sex organs in Anne Frank's diary. I still have no idea what most of it is though. I'm fairly sure I know what the clitoris is, but what is the vulva, the labia? I'm completely confused and this is just not helping with insertion. I seem to have lots of little fleshy flaps and completely disorganised wads of skin or something. Am I abnormal? I'm partly scared to push my fingers in there because of my fingernails.

I don't know. I'm confused and don't understand how it would be physically possible to get anything in there at all, forget getting a baby out. Could someone please give me some advice? It's not that it would get stuck, it's more that I just meet a fleshy wall and it doesn't exactly hurt, it's just not going to go any farther and it seems futile to try.

Thanks. I just don't want to use pads for the rest if my life.
Tags: age, cervix position, first time use, hymen, insertion, insertion - folding methods, insertion - painful or problems, mooncup (uk)

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