getmorganizedkc (getmorganizedkc) wrote in menstrual_cups,

HELP/Vent... wanna be able to use my cup again

Alright guys I am gonna try and make a long story short... I got my first cup back (blue lunette) in 2008 I used it through college and after and loved it, for almost 5 years.

However then Birth control pills ruined my life...

When I started taking birth control pills they really messed with my body, now almost two years later my vagina is still is not normal it has become hard to put my cup in because its always sore.

So I switched back to tampons, well I have never bought cloths with rayon in them after my legs broke out while wearing a pair of jeans that had that fiber in it, well just found out that tampons have rayon, probably adding to my discomfort down there...

anyway I want to switch back to cups one because I hate tampons two because I am allergic to them, its just harder/more painful to get my cup in, and the cup I bought 5 years ago I started having problems getting it to open which is why I stopped using it, its painful enough to get it in I dont wanna be fiddling around longer trying to get it open once its in its plenty comfy just the tissue around the opening down there has not been the same since BCP .. and to top it off tampons seem to make my period heavier (I go through a super every two hours when I used my cup befor BC I would change it at most seven am, one or two oclock and before I went to bed, and really it was rarely full)

HELP! any advice any similar experiences? Does making the holes in the cup larger make it easier to pop open
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