radix3 (radix3) wrote in menstrual_cups,

need more capacity

Dear community-

I've used a large Lunette for over a year, but my flow is so heavy I have to empty it frequently and often overflow at night. I REALLY don't want to use pads as backup; cups have spoiled me that way, I guess. I'm looking for another cup with a higher capacity and considering either a Meluna Classic XL or a large Yuuki. I learned though my teething period that Diva is too long (even with the stem removed), but my Lunette (also stem totally removed) is a little short, (I have to fish for it to remove it) so I wouldn't mind if either Yuuki or Meluna XL are a little longer than Lunette.

I don't know that stiffness is an issue, but I tried a LadyCup once and my vag walls kept it smooshed, so I can't go too soft.

I'd love to hear any all responses from cuppers who've tried either brand and can give any feedback on their comfort, capacity, length, etc compared to Lunette, or anything else that might be helpful. Thanks!
Tags: heavy blood flow, meluna, sizes/size issues, yuuki
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