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Have you used a sckooncup, and how was opening it?

Hi all,  I'm keen to hear from anyone who's used a sckoon cup about how it goes with popping open?
The sckooncup's dimensions (tiny, like Meluna mini) combined with capacity (23mls, quite good) seems like a total dream, if only I didn't have any worries about it not being able to pop open easily due to the softness.
I found the soft MeLuna a total nightmare to get open, while the ladycup is awesome because of it's softness plus thicker rim. How would you say the Sckoon cup compares to those cups, or what are your experiences?
(The ladycup would be my perfect cup if only it had a tiny bit more capacity, was not so slippery to remove, and wasn't sort of pointy at the base where the stem starts)
Thanks in advance :)

and yes, I have read these:

OMG! I just found out the sckoon is not as small as they say it is after asking Teresa from FW to measure it for me!

"Hi ###. I haven’t taken the photo yet but I did measure the small Sckoon Cup and it is 45mm, not 40mm. So the information on here is wrong and therefore on the LJ size chart page, and my website. I’ll contact Sckoon and sort out getting that information amended. Teresa Francis, femininewear"

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