countryflower89 (countryflower89) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup Sits at Entrance..

I'm super excited, my period is due in the next couple days and I just received my medium meluna classic with ball stem. I was so excited I had to try it out before my period. It inserted fairly easily (will take some time to get used to it), it sealed perfectly, it felt okay but I did have a few cramps. My problem is more of a concern. The ball stem sits right at the entrance of my vagina it may stick out just a touch. My concern is will this damage my pelvic floor muscles? The stem doesn't really bother me it's hardly noticeable but I'm worried that since its sitting so low it may hurt my muscles with continuous use. Anyone with similar personal experiences? Am I worrying for nothing or should I try a shorter cup? The only one I know of that is shorter would be the meluna mini but that one has a smaller capacity.
Also will the cramping go away with continuous use.
Tags: continuous use, cramps, first time use, health risks, sizes/size issues

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