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06 May 2013 @ 06:21 am
Does anyone know what the firmness/stiffness is for the small MiaLuna, LunaCup, or Organicup? Compared to the common cups.

Also the measurements for small LunaCup, or Organicup?
The Organicup site shows 50mm without stem but I wonder if that's the large or small. Organicup is expensive.

EDIT: Also firmness for a small Bella (korean)?

EDIT: Jasmine won't work for me so I removed it from the list above.
Jennifer Monoteasy2begreen on May 6th, 2013 02:30 pm (UTC)
Jasmine Cup
The Jasmine is a Diva knock-off with a Lunette tab stem. It is seriously long -- I think around 80mm total? It's medium squishy, about on par with the small Lunette. I posted about it a while ago, if you're interested: http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/3015476.html . It's not a terribly well made cup, but I find it fairly comfortable. I think I just do better with longer, narrower cups than I do with wide ones.
pursuitofhealth on May 6th, 2013 02:58 pm (UTC)
Re: Jasmine Cup
Thanks. That's off the list of possibilities for me then.
beebs88beebs88 on May 20th, 2013 03:13 pm (UTC)
I'm not really sure about the dimensions of the Lunacup as it isn't said on their website but I found them at easycup.fr:
Small: 42 mm diameter, 65 mm long with the ball stem. Ball stem diameter of 7 mm.
Large: 46 mm diameter, 66 mm long with the ball stem. Ball stem diameter 7 mm.
But take into consideration that this cup is really long and narrow,so little capacity. The small one holds 16 ml and the big 20 ml.
According to the description on Easycup this cup is as stiff as a Divacup.
Hope it helps. =)
pursuitofhealth on May 20th, 2013 03:40 pm (UTC)
An Easycup is a clone of Lunacup then, or the same cup with a different name? Thanks.
beebs88beebs88 on May 20th, 2013 06:36 pm (UTC)
Oh no! Sorry if I didn't explain myself... Easycup is a french site which reviews cups. They have done a review of the Lunacup with the dimensions, texture... I got the information from them, you can check it here http://easycup.fr/description_LunaCup_mx-23.php