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Heavy flow too much for my small LadyCup

Hello all!
First off, I want to thank this community for allowing me to stalk it while I researched cups and went through my first few cycles. I found so many answers without writing a single post! Thank you!

Now, to preface my question, here are a few facts:
-I am 24, married, and have no children yet.
-I have a small LadyCup, and this is the only cup I've tried.
-I have gone through 4 cycles now.
-I have trimmed off about half of the stem, and can now wear it comfortably.
-Insertion with the labia fold works great, and removal is super easy!

Apparently my flow is really heavy, because during the first 2 days of my period I have to empty the cup at 2 hours, or else it leaks a lot. I am always wearing cloth pads as backup, because getting to the bathroom every two hours is not possible with my job. Dealing with the leaking is not fun, and I need a solution! This current process is only slightly better than my old habits of super long pads and super tampons.

So, my question is, will a bigger cup work for me? I long to have the advertised "12 hours" of wear. I hate pads and tampons, and love that I'm saving money with my cup, but I can't just go buy 3 or 4 different cups on my budget.
Suggestions on which cup to try that will hold more?
Tags: buying decisions, heavy blood flow, lady cup, sizes/size issues, where to buy

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