lallibear (lallibear) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First day using a menstrual cup...

Hey everyone! I have been lurking around here since Monday and figured I would post something to introduce myself really and just ask a question or two. It seems a strange way to introduce myself, but here goes!
I'm 27 and I have one daughter, now almost 4, who was a natural birth. I generally have a light flow. I hate pads and their horrible feeling and tampons when you have a light flow are fairly unpleasant when it comes to removal. So I started googling alternatives. I had tried cloth pads before but was unimpressed but at the beginning of the week, knowing another period was due soon and facing the idea of another few days of horrible tampons in the day and sticky sweaty pads at night meant I was willing to do some shopping and try again ;) So I bought a few cloth pads and dithered around the cup section of a website. I found this site while googling too as well as numerous youtube videos and I admit it, I was intrigued and actually quite eager to give it a go. An internal protection without the ouch factor, what's not to like? So I did a bit of researching online and went for a Ladycup. Unfortunately, due to a problem with the order, that is still not here. And my period is. So being impatient to try cups as I am, I went and got a femmecup with next day delivery. I tried it out today. And so far, so good, although obviously I'm far from a pro! I went for a c-fold as I saw somewhere it seems to pop open quite easily and was a little freaked by the idea of it not opening. Insertion was fine, way easier than I was expecting actually, after the initial few seconds where I tensed up I reminded myself to relax, in it went, heard it pop and gave the stem a tug and yep, all in all good. Nothing to it. Removal wasn't quite so easy, but again, reminding myself to relax and it was out without too much trauma or anything. So, of course it's only the first day, I only wore it for a few hours and I was at home, but I am so far very impressed! Wondering if the ladycup will arrive in time to test out this cycle too...
Although, I have been reading this site for a few day and I'm starting to think maybe I did something wrong as it was so easy? Did it not seal properly? I had no leaks so I assume not! I have tried inserting it and taking it out a few times now just to practise and whilst it isn't exactly something I can do without thinking about it, it didn't cause me any problems either. I kinda feel like it was too easy so I must be doing it wrong? Can it really be that easy first time? Maybe I am speaking to soon, beginners luck perhaps haha, but I really couldn't believe how simple it was. I'm out with friends tonight, debating whether I dare use it or not!
Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and to thank people for providing hints and tips on here that I have no doubt made things easier for me!
Tags: femmecup, first time use

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