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Intro and Thank you

Hey everyone. I wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for all your help that you didn't even know you gave me! I first heard about menstrual cups from a friend in high school many years ago, and at the time I thought it sounded cool but it wasn't for me. I then forgot about them for over 10 years. Fast forward to now! Someone on a wedding forum brought it up and linked here so I followed and started doing research.

I bought a DivaCup size 1 about a month ago just after my period ended and did a couple dry runs. I have a very high cervix and very small hands/short fingers so I figured I may as well start with something long and see how it goes. Also the Diva is easy to find available. My dry runs were pretty rough in figuring out how to get it in and then oh lord was it tough to get out. There were some brief panicky moments laying on the bed, but the one or 2 times I had it successfully in during the dry runs it felt great!

And this past Monday my period started up again so I was super pumped to take it for a spin for real! It went in much easier this time, and I found it's best to do it while sitting on the toilet and using a punchdown fold. Works every time. I like to let it open just past the pubic bone, and it likes to migrate its way to wherever it wants to go. The first time that happened I got a little scared because even with the stem it is still just inside and I had a hard time reaching the actual bottom to break the seal. My fingers are way too short to reach the rim when it gets settled high up there. But if I can get the bottom by holding the stem and bearing down then I'm golden and I haven't had any trouble removing it upright and then dumping it into the toilet. And I LOVE sleeping with it! No worries about leaking overnight! I feel much cleaner than I ever have on a period, and nothing to irritate my bits. It's fantastic! I want to tell everyone!

So yeah, thanks to you ladies for being so informative and supportive. My only thing now is that I do get some mild cramping with the diva which I never get otherwise on my period. I can ignore it, but I know it's from the cup being in there. And occasionally it presses on my bladder, usually just while it's still migrating. I was considering a CupLee for something equally as long but a little softer to see if it would stop cramping. But I'm thrilled with my first cup cycle. I did use pads as a back up the first couple days but I didn't need to and so I stopped doing that. No leaks (it helps I have a relatively light flow, I never filled it more than a third), no other miseries, just a fantastic new experience. And for completions sake, I'm 26, not a virgin, no kids, use the patch as birth control which controls my cycle and flow, and in the past I always used pads unless I was swimming.
Tags: cervix position, cramps, divacup, first time use

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