liljaneliberty (liljaneliberty) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Boy it's been a long time...and I'm still no closer.

I don't know if much of you remember me it's been about a year since the last time I was here. Anyway I am having a really big issue with this menstrual cup I bought about a year or so ago I just can not get it in anymore I'm on the verge of tears now. I'm tempted to just have sex with someone just to get rid of this dang hymen...I know TMI I'm sorry I'm just so dang frustrated.

I admit that for awhile I was able to get my cup in a couple of times and get it out but then I had a life changing situation that sort of put me on the path or stress and frustration and I stopped using it. I did not have the time anymore for the cup. The passing of my grandmother made my life change. Since I was no longer needed to help take care of her I had to find a job and a place to live. I've since found both and I'm going pretty strong in living in the real world. Just recently I've discovered a new way of cleaning my hair which involves Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar. Which not only is better for the environment then traditional shampoo but is also good for my wallet.

In the process of getting through this new method of washing my hair I was suddenly reminded of my menstrual cup and how much I really wanted to return to it. And now that I've pretty much gotten my life back on track I figured it was time. My new cycle just started and I tried to put it in for a sleep time moment however...and much to my aggravation...I could not get it in. I've tried all the traditional methods and nothing I'm on the verge of throwing the $40 cup in the trash I'm so frustrated with this. I know I've not done it in awhile and practice makes perfect but I can not get passed the fact I was still having troubles before I stopped using it.

I want to so bad for this to work and I'm now starting to wonder if I just have the wrong cup. If I should go with a different brand. I just want this to work so please any helpful comments and suggestions of different cups is appreciated. And just so you all do not have to ask. I am a virgin and I am 26, turning 27 this Nov. And the cup I currently have is the smaller Lunette cup.

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