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Talking to mom, and other manipulation techniques (by a soon to be cupper)

Hello Cuppers!
I am thirteen years old and I started my period last month for the first time. From the moment I started my period, I found the idea of both pads and tampons wasteful and disgusting, to be honest. But seeing as they were all I had available to me in my house, I had to make do with pads (we have tampons but only ones without applicators).
I started to google eco friendly menstrual products, and soon came upon (drum roll please) the wonderful... the beautiful... the ever praised... menstrual cup! (play fanfare). I was intrigued by the idea of this odd, but strangely obvious device of feminine care. I was immediately ready to jump on the bandwagon (still am).
However... there's an issue. I don't exactly know how my mom would react to the idea of the menstrual cup. Not because of issues of virginity or of me putting thing "in there", but because she is so used to the idea of pads and tampons being the only options.
Under normal circumstances, I would find a way to tiptoe around letting her know about this, but the problem is, the only cup sold in stores near me is the DivaCup, and I've heard that one is a little bit for stiff/ firm, which doesn't sound pleasant in that delicate area of my anatomy. I was hoping to get a small Lunette... But that's only available by mail order for me... SO I'd have to get her to a) pay for it (though really, I COULD pay her back), b) let me use it, and c) be okay with the idea of a menstrual cup.

In short, how do I convince my mom that using a menstrual cup, and (hopefully) investing in one for me is a good idea?

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