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Advice for new cup

Hello, all!
I have been crawling through a lot of information, but I still need some help.
I am an 18 yr old virgin, average flow, 5'5" 117 lb (if that matters) and have been using a small Lunette off and on for the past 10 months. I say off and on because I used it for about 6 cycles and took a break because I was frustrated, and have started using it again but am still unhappy. I feel I am past the initial learning curve because I've gotten where I could insert very well even if it was still extremely uncomfortable at the entrance to get in, it was alright once in except it rides very low, the stem pokes even and after trimming, and some awful cramping. I don't usually cramp at all during my period, but when the cup is in it is miserable. And removing it is very painful, again, at the entrance is where most of the pain is.

I understand that the cramping while in could be caused by the cup suctioning to my cervix, or because the material is too firm for me. I had thought my cervix was medium height, but I guess it is lower especially during my period. Could the pain of insertion and removal be because I have a narrow entrance? Would a softer or shorter cup help with that or the cramping? The capacity of the Lunette seems to have worked fine, very few leaks, mostly my fault not making sure it was popped open all the way.

From what I have read I am considering a Meluna, but I would appreciate any advice.
Tags: buying decisions, cramps, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues, virginity
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