treebeegirl (treebeegirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Can't seem to find my goldilocks cup.

I'm getting frustrated because I've been using cups for over a year now and can't seem to find the right one for me. I started with a Diva when I knew nothing about cups and happened to see that one on sale. It was ok but seemed to slip down and feel too low. I then bought the blue Lunette and this is the closest to a goldilocks cup I have found. It works great for me with no leaks until it's full. That's the only problem. I'd like more capacity. This is the first cycle with a fleurcup and Yukki. (All cups are large and I feel as if my flow is heavy.) During the day yesterday I tried the Yukki but it seemed to leak a little. It was mostly when I wiped but I don't think it was just residual slopper because it kept coming. I then tried the fleurcup and that seemed to work great. Since it was working, I figured I would try that for overnight. After sleeping for about 4 hours I woke up to a leaking feeling. I got up to check and when I stood I felt a huge gush. Luckily I had a pad on as well because the contents of the cup basically all spilled onto the pad as I walked to the bathroom. I assumed maybe I just couldn't wear a soft cup to bed for some reason so I inserted the Yukki. Since it's one of the stiffest cups, it pops opens very easily and I know it had opened. Then another four hours later the exact same thing happened. As soon as I stood I could feel it dumping onto my pad as I got out of bed. I don't understand how this happened with both cups. I can't feel my cervix so I assume it's really high. I never had this dumping issue overnight with the Lunette. That's the closest I've been to finding the right cup for me, but I'd like more capacity. Any idea why the Yukki would leak for me both day and night, and why both new cups would dump themselves overnight? Every cup I have tried seems to fit and feel fine so that doesn't help in my decision. Length, width, and stiffness doesn't really matter since they all seem to be comfortable for me. Once they are in I don't feel them at all. How do I find the cup for me, especially for overnight?
Tags: fleurcup, heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, lunette selene, sleeping, yuuki

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