geekgirlfoam (geekgirlfoam) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Amy Farrah Fowler wears menstrual products all the time....

Series 4 Episode 03 – The Zazzy Substitution

Sheldon: Greetings. You all remember Amy Farrah Fowler.

Leonard: Sure.

Howard: Nice to see you.

Amy: Hello.

Sheldon: Sorry we’re late.

Amy: I must take responsibility. I had to stop for feminine hygiene supplies.

Howard: Ah, ah.

Leonard: Okay.

Sheldon: I believe she’s experiencing her menses.

Amy: Actually, I’m not. In order to avoid surprises, I wear them all the time.

What do you think Amy is using. She cannnot/ should not be using pads/tampons all through the month. So, is she the first TV character to use cups??

OMG, I am so BORED waiting for my results, damn!!!
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