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Femmycycle Review

Hi, I'm new to this forum but I have been a cup user for almost three years now. I'm 23, considerably petite person with a medium/low cervix, sexually active, no kids. I've used the lunette, size 2, for three years and have had very much success. I will never go back to pads or tampons ever. However, some days my period is very heavy and with the lunette, especially after I wake up, I tend to leak which can be embarrassing.

I was very excited when I saw the femmycycle because of the new design and how the cup was a softer silicone. I've tried it and am now selling the set in the mc_sales community if anyone is interested.

First off, I have considerably small fingers and couldn't fold the opening and insert properly without the cup popping open prematurely. It was just difficult because the cup is very wide. Secondly, after it was inserted and I thought everything was going well it started leaking because it didn't pop open. I'm assuming this happened because I really just couldn't insert it correctly. Third, when it wasn't leaking and everything was fine and I needed to empty it, I couldn't get it out. Before this point I had never felt my cervix. I tried, I could just never reach it. After trying to remove the femmycyle I realized that for the first time during my period, my cup had suctioned itself around the whole opening of my cervix and physically pulled it into the cup. This happened multiple times where the only way the suction would release was if the inside emptying lid popped open and broke the suction which really hurt when it occurred. After this happened a few times I decided the cup just wasn't for me.

I really think they should market this cup to someone that has given birth vaginally or does have a higher cervix. I just cannot use it, however I saw a review a few down where someone with a higher cervix really liked the cup. This cup is just not for me. I purchased a sckoon cup size 2 instead and I'm excited awaiting its arrival.

If anyone would like to purchase the femmycyle set I have, I have it on the mc_sales community. I completely sanitized the one I have in a stronger vinegar solution and only used it lightly as stated above. I said I would accept 35$ (paypal only) but am up for negotiation. Comment if interested : )
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