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I can't insert

Hello all. Ill start with the basics:
16, virgin, mooncup size b (uk)
I got my cup a few days after my last cycle ended. Some have said you could try before you get your period and some say not to. With this, I decided I'd do a bit of practicing. I practiced several times every few days or more but each time I failed to properly insert it. I got my period yesterday and tried to insert it again, using all the folds and positions I've read about. I keep trying but to no avail. My most successful fold is the punch-down fold. I can manage to get it in almost to the base of the cup before it hurts so naturally I stop pushing. It feels like something is blocking it, and when I let go, the cup is pushed down a few millimeters. Is this my cervix? Is it really low? I've tried to find it before but wasn't successful. Or will I just be inserting it wrongly? Any help would be really appreciated because I really want to be a convert.

Extra info:
I've never properly tried with tampons, because initially I had some problems (like I expect most people) and they were a cheap brand. I have managed successfully once, but never since, though I don't try often.
If I need to buy another cup, where could I go if I can't shop online, being in the uk? Thank you.
Tags: cervix position, first time use, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, mooncup (uk), teething troubles, virginity
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