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Has anyone used a smaller size after childbirth?

I am very excited and anxious to try a menstrual cup but I'm hesitant because I don't have and abundance in funds to trial and error these. I want to get it as close to right as possible when I purchase one.
Age - 23
Children - 2
Cervix - very low
Bladder is sensitive
My height & weight (not sure this matters)- 5ft 4in & 120lbs.
Ohh I've also been told my uterus is tilted??
I have read the recommendation that anyone who has given birth should use the larger size but I can't help but feel that they might not work for me. My cervix is very low in addition I have a sensitive bladder. I have read that those with low cervix and/or sensitive bladder may benefit better from the small more soft squishy cups. I guess my main question is has anyone given birth but still successfully used a small cup?
Any insight will be appreciated thanks in advance = )

Thanks for all your help and insight. I ended up buying the medium meluna with ball stem. So I hope all goes well with it. I'm very excited and can't wait to try it. I'll let everyone know how things turn out = )
Tags: cervix position, meluna, sizes/size issues, tilted uterus

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