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Femmycycle review

I had the chance to try out the Femmycycle thanks to a giveaway in Femininewear. As there is so little information on this cup I was planning to write down my own experience but I never found the time to do it, I do it now and I hope it's useful to all of you.

I'm 25, tiny (1.60 m & 45 kg)  nulliparous, sex-active and I have a medium-high cervix. I've been using a Meluna cup (S and M) since last September and I've got used to it very quickly, however I had some leaking problems with the Meluna M a couple of times per cycle (even though I always checked it was completely open). Even though I was overall satisfied with the Melunas I wanted to try other cups with more capacity since my flow is quite heavy and I have to keep changing every two-three hours with those (my advice is that you chose your cup according to your flow not your age as most cup manufactures suggest). I was planning to get a couple of Fleurcups when they were on sale since the large one has the greatest capacity available so far when I came across the giveaway in Femininewear and, luckily, I got this cup for free. =) Thanks Teresa and Femmycycle.
When the Femmycycle arrived in my mail (the day my menses began) and I saw it my first thought was "there is no way this thing will fit into my vagina". The cup looks huge due to it's globular shape and it doesn't get as small as other cups do when you fold it, however the extremely soft and slippery material made the insertion easy enough to get the Femmycycle all the way up. The good thing about this cup is that you don't have to worry about which fold will work best for you... the only one possible is the C-fold! I tried the punch-down (the one I use with my Melunas) and the 7 fold but the cup was to wide to go through my vaginal entrace; other folds like the origami are impossible due to the shape of the cup and the double rim (rim + lid). Anyway, insertion is really easy but I don't recommend this cup to those user who have a narrow vaginal entrance or are very sensitive in this area.
Next step: check the cup has pop open. I always do this with my Melunas to be sure there is no leakage so I tried to do the same with the Femmycycle. I knew the Femmycycle wasn't supposed to open all the way but I expected to be able to feel some of the rim unfolded and a litle "bump" on it. Noooo! I couldn't reach the rim with my finger and the body of the cup itself was completely crushed keeping the C-shape of the fold. I thought it was my fault so I inserted it several times more and at every trial I got the same results, I just gave up with the idea of using the cup this way and kept using my Melunas but at night I gave the Femmycycle a try. When I woke up next morning I was expecting a mess on my pyjamas and sheets but my surprise was that everything was clean, even the pantyliner I used as backup!!!
Due to the succes of the first night of use I decided to keep using the Femmycycle for the rest of my periods, if it was able to collect all the blood of the heaviest night being completely crushed, why wouldn't it work during day-time? I must say that knowing the cup wasn't fully open made me think of leakage all the time I was wearing it, but it only leaked once in 5-6 days of use and it was very light, just a few drops on my pantyliner.
Removal time: it's very easy to get the cup out, you just have to pull the ring and voilà! But expect some fart-like noises when the air gets inside the cup. After that you just pull up the lid and throw the blood away, expect some blood on your fingers as there will always be some blood on the lid.
The lid:even though it claims to be the essential part of the anti-spill design I find it's main function to be to direct the flow to the cup when it's inside you as there is no vacuum. If the lid is needed to direct the flow the manufactures of the Femmycycle shoud keep them, but if there is only to avoid spills I higly recommend them to remove it as it makes cleaning more difficult. If you worry about blood cloths clogging the opening of the lid, don't do it! I have large cloths and I hadn't any issue with them obstructing the entrance of the cup, neither while using it neither emptying it.
Cleaning: with most cups you just empty them, rinse and reinsert. With this one you will have to take a few more seconds because you have to clean under the lid, but it's not big deal. If you are in a public restroom cleaning can become tricky because there is no way you could properly wipe this cup (the tiny hole on the lid is on the way of your finger), maybe you could solve the problem with a bottle of water but cleaning this cup whitout a sink next to you can drive you mad (or at least it did to me). Now I understand why the manufacters send them in a twin-pack.
Sanitizing: I always boil my cups after and before my periods. With this one I wasn't sure as the manufacters recommend to sanitize them with a mixture of 10% vinegar, 90% water, but this didn't seem enough for me and I went on with my usual procedure. I put the Femmycycle inside a silicone sanitizing cup and boiled it on the microwave for three minutes, it came out as it was initially. Due to the extremely thin silicone I don't recommend boiling this cup in a pot as it could get damaged with the more direct heat and before you microwave it make sure there is also water inside all the cup to minimize the damage due to heat. Well, this is my opinion, if you are comfortable not boiling your cup I would follow the instructions of the manufacter because I think boiling will short the lifespan of the Femmycycle.
The ring: it's big which makes it very easy to grab and its flexibility prevents it from make it uncomfortable, however after 6 days of use I felt slightly sore on the point where de ring laid. I would recommend the manufacters to shorten it and make it even more flexible. And to you, prospective users, I don't recommend you to trim it because pulling the cup out with its ball shape and smooth touch could take you hours of pushing and finger play.
Comfort: while wearing the cup I couldn't feel it at all, even the ring didn't bother me, I guess it's a good cup for those with very sensitive vaginas/bladders because the thin silicone makes it completely forgetable. But again, think it twice if you have a sensitive vaginal entrance as its a wide cup and the ring could bother you.
In short, I love the capacity of the cup and that I can't feel it at all but I would remove the lid and shorten the ring.
If you have any doubts don't hesitate to ask, I would love to help you out.

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