bunnylove555 (bunnylove555) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Femmycycle cups?

Hello cuppers!
I am not an entire noob, I know where my cervix is and I have looked at posts and comparison charts a thousand times. I really think the femmycycle is my cup for many reasons. But the main one is, it does not have to pop open. It sounds crazy to me, but so many people swear by it, it really works! The weird anatomy of my vagina (it is an odd U shape, so tampons have always leaked for me, through the ends of the U). So, popping open is not gonna work out. But, this cup does not need to be fully open to work!
But I have some questions....

1. Is it really medical grade silicone? I know that there has been a post about how Fleurcup might not be 100% medical grade silicone. If the femmycycle is not, I'd really like to know. Has anyone tested a femmycycle? and what were the results?

2. How long does this particular brand last? I know on their website it says only a year because it is made from extremely thin silicone. Is this true? If it only lasts a year, this will cost so much!

3. Any feedback for people who have tried it? I couldn't really find many reviews for it since it came out recently...

Thanks for any help you could provide!
Tags: cup lifespan, femmycycle

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