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Sckoon cup not opening

I recently purchased a large Sckoon cup and love the appearance and softness. However, I cannot for the life of me get the darned thing to open when inserting. My first cup (2 months ago) was a large Lunette, and it puts a lot of pressure on my bladder, making me feel as if I have to go all the time and causing hesitancy, preventing me from tinkling at all while it's in for the last couple of days of my cycle.

I decided to find a softer cup and went for the new Sckoon. My cups tend to be worn really high, but as I said earlier, I can't get this one to open. My lumpy vaginal walls squish it flat, and if I manage to get some air inside it I then cannot get it to seal and it gradually pushes itself out. I should add that I am 42 and have had four children (1 c-section and 3 VBAC's), so it seems unlikely to me that it's too big.

I have also recently acquired a large and a small Ladycup. They both open fine and stay in. What I do notice is that large cups tend to migrate north, heading way up shortly after insertion. If I place them lower they stick out and are definitely far from comfortable. I can, however, wear the small Ladycup lower in the vagina, just above the pubic bone. I feel it, but it's not horribly uncomfortable, and it stays low rather than slipping upward.

Does anyone have any pointers for the Sckoon? I really want it to work for me. I cannot rotate it as it is flat when inside. If I allow it to open low, it gets squished again as I try to ease it upward. Could it be the holes? They are pretty big on the outside if the cup but are really tiny on the inside of the cup.
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