karenb326 (karenb326) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Problems with MeLuna cup slipping down

Hi all..I am 49, have had two kids (both now teenagers). I know I have a low cervix and a tilted uterus. I just purchased a medium classic MeLuna cup and tried it during my current cycle. No problems putting it in and getting it to pop open (and it turns fairly easily when I do that) but as soon as I start walking, it slips down so much so that the little ball can be seen when I look with a mirror, and I can actually feel it through the minipad if I put my hand down there to adjust it. It feels like it is going to come out but doesn't - I exercised yesterday (weights and walking) and it didn't pop out. So yesterday morning (second day of cycle) I inserted, it slipped down after walking around getting ready for work, so I took it out and re-inserted it higher up. That time, it felt like it "grabbed" or suctioned around my cervix and I had a difficult time making sure it was open and turning it - and it leaked (which it had not done in the lower but more uncomfortable position) and caused pain. I ended up having to go back to pads and tampons late yesterday because it just wasn't comfortable.

I was going to look into getting a shorter cup - maybe the MeLuna without the ball and in the smaller size (I don't mind emptying it more frequently if I have to, as long as it stays up where it needs to be) and was hoping someone could help me figure out if a softer cup would be something that I should try, too. Incidentally, I used the cup all night the first night and it didn't slip down or leak and was almost full in the morning - so it's only working its way down when I walk around.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
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