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Cup suggestions, with color

I just started lurking in this community, and I’m looking for some suggestions. Background: 27 years old, never pregnant, using the DivaCup small size for about 5 years.

So, my cup is getting grungy looking. I wash it every time I use it, boil it regularly, etc. It still looks like my old period panties, you know? On a whim, I decided to start doing some cup research, which has turned into some heavy cup research… back when I first got a cup, I felt like I had two choices: DivaCup, or the Keeper – and since I have a rubber allergy and the DivaCup was easier to find, I went with Diva. I suddenly find myself overwhelmed with a ton of option I didn’t have before! I can’t decide which cup to get! I’ve been pretty happy with my DivaCup, but I’d like to try out another brand. I’m kind of leaning toward MeLuna (mostly because of the color options, I admit), but I’d like suggestions/input.

I have a deep cervix (I didn’t even need to trim my Diva’s stem), but I’m also fairly narrow. I’m thinking I’d like to stay around the same size as my current cup, or go a little narrower than the Diva small size, or else use a cup with a stiffer rim. Suggestions? Any experience? I also tend to have very heavy flows for the first 2-4 days, so I’d like to stay with a cup with a decent capacity (more than 15 mL – mine holds about 20, I think).

Like I said, I’m leaning toward the MeLuna size M or L, Classic, with the standard stem, OR the Sckoon Cup, which I can't find much about. However, I’m also considering: Femme cup, Fleurcup (small), Juju cup (large), Lady Cup, Lunette (2), Miacup (1), Miss cup (B), Natural Mamma (because it holds 27 mL!), She Cup, or Yuuki (1)… plus some others. *sigh*

Really, any suggestions/experience with any of these would be great. On a good day I’m indecisive, but now I’m just driving myself crazy with research! Thanks everyone :)
Tags: brand comparisons, cervix position, divacup

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