gemstone25 (gemstone25) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Some advice please!!!!

I'm new to using cups and need some advice! I've read absolutely loads of posts, with some advice and tips gathered but could do with some more.
I've recently bought my first cup, meluna medium soft. Nightmare as it leaked all over. Contacted the company I bought it through who very kindly sent me a classic to try. It was the last day of my period so difficult to tell if it worked properly. I've since been reading up and had a go at locating my cervix, which is reasonably easy to find but over to the right side. Also the meluna was open when inside but seemed a bit squashed. I'm now wondering whether I should have got a larger size because of these things or even a firmer cup. I have had a child and am 34. I know this is a learning curve and am definitely going to persevere but any advice would be appreciated!
Tags: cervix position, first time use, leakage & spotting, meluna

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