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More Newbie Troubles

A month or so back I posted my rant on tampons and how I was so happy to have found this community and cups as a whole.  I steeled myself when my period came this last Friday, knowing full well that it might not be sunshine and roses my first time through.  I was prepared for a literal bloodbath.  I put in my MeLuna M on Friday afternoon before the floodgates had opened and went off to work that night, nervous and hoping everything would go wonderfully--and one nine and a half hour shift later, it did!  It was perfect and wonderful and everything I could've ever hoped for in a menstrual whatnot!  I emptied it, cleaned it as directed, and popped it back in for bedtime.

I was awakened around 8 or 9 am by some of the worst cramps I've ever had.  They lasted for a good hour or two whilst I was in a half-asleep stupor.  When I was finally awake enough to realize what I was feeling, I trekked to the bathroom to check things out.  Thus begins Saturday-and-Sunday Bloody Sunday.  I had leaked a lot and I continued to do so all of Saturday night.  I had to work that evening, so after my fifth round of "oh god"-bathroom-empty-clean up-reinsert-repeat, I had to switch to a tampon...because serving tables doesn't allow for frequent potty breaks, especially when you're getting your ass handed to you by a party of 14 and 6 and 4 and 8 at the same time.

But I digress; I got home Saturday night and switched back to the cup to find it leaking again by morning.  Sunday was a similar story, though I didn't have to work so I had all day to try different folds and positions and magical voodoo chants to get everything to stay where it's supposed to.  No dice.  I slept with a tampon to ease my sore and aching vagoo whilst sobbing quietly in defeat.  Today it was back to the cup!  It's in right now and hopefully not(!!!) leaking.

Now, I already perused the "leaking/spotting" tag and found some slightly helpful tips, but nothing that I felt really answered any questions I have, so here are some facts/queries in nicely organized (read: not organized at all) bullet point form:

  • I'm guessing the agonizing cramps Saturday morning were the product of my cervix dancing a jig and moving around while the cup was still inside.  Alternately, the cup shifted and suckerpunched the little guy?  Not sure which is more likely.

  • I'm pretty sure I have a high cervix.  It takes pretty much my whole middle finger to find it (~3in).  I didn't go searching on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday I did.  Today, I wasn't able to confidently locate it.  I think it might hide slightly up and to the left?

  • I read in one of the comments on another post that if you discover your cup is tilted (and you didn't put it that way), it might be because your cervix is on the side that the cup is tilting towards.  Does that mean if the cup is tilted with the left side higher and the right side lower, the cervix might be on the right (thus pushing that side of the cup down)?

  • Did that last question even make sense?

  • No matter which way I try to angle my cup upon insertion, it always seems to have blood on the inside and out of the cup.  I don't think it's residual because it seems like it's a lot.  The cup is indeed filling, but it's getting on the outside, too.  It's rarely anywhere close to full when I check and I can't imagine that my cervix would be dipping so far into the cup that it barely fills less than a centimeter and then spills errywhere.

  • I am using a MeLuna, which only has two holes.  Is it possible this is an air hole issue?  Should I enlarge them?  Should I leave them?

  • If it helps, I'm 23, sexually active, never had kids--but I think my muscles are pretty toned and that I'm naturally narrow.  I can't get a finger very far in alongside the cup to, say, check to see if it's around my cervix.  It just won't fit.

  • Also, the MeLuna M seems to be a pretty decent fit for me lengthwise.  It sits right where it's supposed to.  The L, however, I only tried to get in once and it straight refused to pop, so I put it away and haven't tried it since.

  • I can't think of any other questions!

As with my last post, this one was lengthy so thank you for reading and answering if you so choose to.  I appreciate all the support this community gives to any and everyone.  You're all so lovely~
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