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Indian newbie here....


Hello everyone, I am new to livejournal and to this community so excuse me if I make any mistakes.Also, English is not my first language, please ignore any grammatical errors in the post.
I am 18 years old and come from a traditional middle-class Indian family.I stumbled on cups a few months ago and after much deliberation got one off the Internet through a long drawn-out Net-banking process. Most cup companies do not ship in India and I didn't want to risk buying it off ebay in case I get a faulty one by a knock-off company, so I settled on the Indian brand-Shecup, reasonably priced with minimal shipping charges. I wasn't sure of the brand because according to the measurement charts, it belongs to the longer end of the spectrum and a little pre-cup self-exploration made me realise that I had a low cervix. although my mother initially opposed the idea, she gave in after a mom-daughter sit-down discussion. After a few not-so-successful trials, I finally came out a winner last month.
So goodbye pad rashes, chafing, odour and general gloominess, I am a complete cup-convert now and would like to know the stories of fellow Indian females(if there are any or any from any other country where internal menstrual products are virtually unavailable. 99% Indians have never heard of a tampon.) who found this wonderful new product.
To all other members of this amazing forum, I thank you for all your advice, I have been a lurker since the start of the year and greatly value this community and its members. Thank you.
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