Winter Lover (elvenqueen86) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Winter Lover

boiling or not boiling with milton tablets?

To sterilize your cup, is it necessary to use both milton tablets AND boil them? The milton tablets themselves say to just put the object in cold water with a tablet. Would soaking them in boiled water with a tablet be more or less effective than using the tablet in cold water?

The reason I ask is after I sterilized my cups at the end of my last cycle, I put them in dixie cups in the cabinet in my bedroom (living with family, I don't trust them not to move/knock over/throw out things left in the medicine cabinet)… I forgot to put them in their cloth bags when they were done drying, and when I went to take them out today I found that for some inexplicable reason my SO decided to put some two dollar bills in there… resting ON TOP OF MY CUPS. So now I just want to make sure they're about as clean as I can get them, because… eew.

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