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Which cup? + cervix positioned to the right??

So after doing a lot of reading and getting very sick of tampons and pads I'd like to get a cup!

I've looked into the Meluna and I'd quite like to get one however I'm not sure which size will be best. After just trying to find my cervix position during my period I can feel it at about 50mmish, however it's off to my right a bit, and I can easily feel all the way around it - if my finger is straight I can insert it further into the vagina, to the left of my cervix (I often have to angle my tampons to my left - I had wondered why that was!).

So basically what I'm wondering is, does this mean I have a tilted/dangly cervix and will this be a problem for using a cup?

Also, if I measure about 50mm to the tip of my cervix, does it matter too much what length cup I get as I will still easily be able to get it out? My flow is light so that isn't an issue. After taking the size quiz on the Meluna website it suggested a medium classic, do you think this will be okay?

I have tried to use Instead soft cups in the past but they would not work for me at all, they didn't seem to go in very far and wouldn't stay where I put it (despite following the instructions) so I'm hoping I will have more luck with a reusable cup.

(I'm 22, sexually active and haven't given birth vaginally)

Thanks for your help!
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, meluna

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