kem377306 (kem377306) wrote in menstrual_cups,

So many cups!

Hi! I am new to menstrual cups. I started with a small lunette 2 months ago and love the idea of menstrual cups. However, now that I have found this group I am thinking the lunette may not be my goldilocks cup. I have a small fleurcup and a soft medium meluna with the ring on order (I went a little crazy).

My qualms with the lunette are that it sometimes pushes on my bladder quite a bit (hence trying the soft meluna, but with its pronounced rim be a problem?). The stem also bothers me a bit bt my cervix sits so high I need the stem or at least part of it to get it out (after my last period I did cut it about an eighth of an inch though. I am 25 and a virgin so along with the bladder issue I have been assuming smaller cups would be better. I also have a very light flow. I have always left my lunette in for 12 hours and never once even filled it halfway! The only reason I didn't order a small meluna was because I was worried about leaks r not enough suction-especially during bowel movements.

So after all I on the right track, or does anyne have any other cups I may want to try? Oh...I'm not a fan of cups with hollows stems.


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