goblue2009 (goblue2009) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Instead Softcups uncomfortable and is "pushed" out ...alternatives?

Hi all,

I have been experimenting with Instead Softcups for the past week with no success and a lot of frustration. I've successfully put it in and can remove it without any problem, but within the hour of putting it in, it starts to poke out of my vaginal opening and becomes extremely uncomfortable. I am 25, have had no children, and have extremely tight pelvic muscles (I am currently in physical therapy for vulvodynia to learn how to relax my pelvic muscles). I would like to use a menstrual cup, but which ones may be a good option? I will need something that fits and that hopefully will not exacerbate the vaginal pain that I already have. I wonder whether the Instead Softcups are too large in diameter, but I'm really not sure how to identify what the issue is. Any advice or help would be appreciated!
Tags: first time use, insertion - painful or problems, instead, sizes/size issues
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