lealorali1 (lealorali1) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva AND Lunette leaking first few days... about to give up. Sorry for redundancy

Hello! This is my first post and I'm desperate and about to give up on menstrual cups. I am a 29 y/o female, no kids, no health issues. I used Diva Cup 1 for a year with major leaks on the first 2 days which are slightly heavy but not too bad. Discouraged, I got the Lunette Model 1. Same exact issues. I bubble over and ruin underwear and pants. Days 3-5 are perfect, no major leaks. I clot a lot I suppose and my OB did mention I have a "deep-set" vagina. Don't know what that means.

What I've tried with both cups and failed:
• checked for my cervix- it sits at the length of my index finger, don't know what that means. High??
• c fold
• 7 fold
• the "just shove it in" fold
• trimmed the stem as both were killing me (too long)
• checked that they pop open (they do every time)
• checked that the holes were clear
• pulled it down then up
• twisted it up
• inserted it not straight up, but at the alleged natural angle of my vagina (towards the lower back)

Here's another thing. I have the cup sitting super low and when I wipe after peeing, I can see blood. WTF? It honestly seems like blood is coming out of the first centimeter of my vaginal walls. I have a box of super-plus tampons I am dreading opening... Please help!
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