trula_r (trula_r) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Used Cups

I am 14, and have recently started using cups. I like my small lunette selene, but have been looking for a higher capacity cup. Since I have a low cervix, I am currently opting for a large fleurcup. Since cups are relatively expensive, I was thinking of getting a used one from mc sales. Also, I would really love a green one, and the website doesn't have those anymore. However, I am just concerned about second hand cups. I mean, it's something that has been in someone else's vagina! Can anyone tell me about the safety pros/cons of a used cup? I'm pretty sure that my mom will be doubtful. Also, on another topic, how soft is the meluna soft in comparison to the large fleurcup?
Thanks for the help,
Tags: age, buying decisions, cleaning, fleurcup, health risks
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