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02 April 2013 @ 12:20 am
Ok am posting for the first time so i hope this goes to the right place O_o

I have been meaning to write my success story for a while now...its only fair to do so after i have had such a great experience with cups and mainly due to the help i have been getting from this community..

I am from a south indian background and anything going up there other than ur husbands love wand is a big no no...well i couldnt care less and strted to use menstrual cups as a 23 yr old virgin. I had used tampons only for a couple of months before that, but it started concerning me how it left fluff inside u and things started to get dry and irritated down there on lighter days...so looking for altrnatives other than pads, i stumbled on menstrual cups :)

After a lot of reading in here and watching youtube videos i decided to buy a ladycup which i have been using successfully for over a yr now...sure i had a learning curve and it was awkward and frustrating in the beginning but it did get better from the first cycle...

Soon after i bought a lunette for more capacity but it didn work that well for me as its frosted texture made insertion harder...so i gave it to my aunt and she seems happy enough with it..
I recently bought a yuuki (all cups in small btw) and its just great!!! Although i dont love my ladycup ny less :P

I found that for my anatomy the C fold worked best for ladycup and the triangle fold for yuuki (with the fold opening down and away from your pubic bone)...lunette...well nothing worked there -_-

So a big thank you to all the ladies who offer their help in here and to those who are thinking of getting a menstrual cup...GO FOR IT! Just make sure u read up on size and chose wt may fit u best :)

And for those that are frustrated and ready to give up...HANG IN THERE! It DOES get better with time and practice or maybe a different cup if possible..

I never though i wudw say this but i even look fwd to my periods sometimes :D
loveemcups on April 10th, 2013 04:55 am (UTC)
i dont live in india so unfortunatley i dont know how the shipping works out there. however there are websites that sell these cups and my transaction with them have been very good. i am not sure if they post to india tho :(
yeah i totally know what u mean bout the whole virgin thing. its kinda sad we still hold onto those beliefs. i convinced my mum first and she sort of spread the word when she went to india for a holiday among her sisters. i had bought a few online and gave it to mum to distribute. so far they are pleased with it, although i dont think they will give it to their daughters for use if they are not married.
i have told my other indian friends as well but the thought of putting something up there as a virgin is just too scary for them. ah well...there is only so much u can do...spread the word and let those who have an open mind give it a try :)