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Meluna classic or soft or sport?

I'm pretty new to the whole concept of menstrual cups. I recently got a Lunette cup size 1. It worked out okay so far. However ive been looking to buy another cup for my light days, because the Lunette is a bit big and I feel "stretched out" after using it for awhile. I know the vagina can stretch and become "normal" again but it's just not a great feeling. I was looking at the cup comparison charts and the Meluna medium sounds perfect!! The problem is, should I get a classic or a soft or a sport?
I am a virgin, 14, with a low cervix.
I wouldn't say I'm extremely athletic.
I would prefer to not feel it (I don't feel the Lunette) but I also don't want it to crumble inside.
I just don't know which one to choose

Also, what folding methods are great for virgins?
I tried and didn't like the C fold, E fold, S fold, punch down fold, or any of the 7 or triangle folds (they wouldn't unfold once inside!). The labia fold is actually working okay but it sometimes hurts to insert it. What other folds are there?
Thank you all for your help!
Tags: insertion - folding methods, lunette, meluna, meluna - soft
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