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Second Month with the Diva

Hi all! This is my second month using cups... and I love them so beyond much. I've wanted one for years and years so really happy to have finally gotten one and had success! My first month went really smoothly--thanks to the great advice here--so thanks a bunch!! I'm on my second now, and have a couple of questions still lingering.

1) After I insert my Diva, I often feel what feels like little air bubbles escaping every so often... it's not really a problem, but feels pretty weird and disconcerting. I know the seal is good since I haven't leaked at all. Does anyone else have this at all?

2) I haven't noticed my Diva riding higher or lower depending on the day of the month, but it rides higher or lower a lot throughout the day... say, when I go to the bathroom it stays really low for a while, as long as I stand, but if I sit down it seems to settle "up" and get more comfortable. I did cut off my entire stem, which was a hasty decision, but thankfully the right one! :) Anyways, with no stem, it's not as much of a problem, but when it rides so low it's a little uncomfortable. Is it normal for it to change position so often? I've felt it a lot less this month than last so I'm wondering if it was my muscles getting used to keeping it in position?

3) I tried removing it in the shower this morning for the first time, which was a complete disaster (slow-draining shower... enough said! :P). I have to squat in order to be able to reach the cup, but it's hard to take it out at a good angle so it doesn't spill (which I can normally do on the toilet just fine). Does anyone have anything special they do in the shower so as not to spill? I know I'm emptying the cup anyway but I'd rather do it on my own time!! :D Plus, it's nice to see how much is in the cup so I can track it. I've been poking around the boards for tips on this but haven't seen any specifically, so I thought I'd ask.

Thanks! :)
Tags: removal, seal & suction, teething troubles

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