questiontyme (questiontyme) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Poll - cup length

Can't make poll button work though. Can somebody else make a poll? Or we can just type answers. I've not tried every cup but judging from the cup I own, none of the cups I could buy would be long enough to easily reach it every time I'd need to. Am I alone? :(
a) all cups are a bit/lot too short
b) I am goldilocks
c) all cups are a bit/lot too long
d) there are cups which are a good length for me but there are other problems with said cups. I wish more cups had a variety of lengths.

Ps. Not part of the poll but just wondering, has anybody noticed different cups riding up less/more or is it always the same based upon your cervix? Just because I break the cup seal at the rim so even with a longer cup with an easily reachable stem I'd have to pull it down carefully to do that, pre-seal breaking. Would be much easier if it'd just sit lower.
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