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New divacup owner... Should I be looking for something else?

A friend of mine was given a diva cup as a gift a few months ago and has been raving about it ever since. I use pads, have used tampons only 2-3 times as I fear their inherent health risks and will only pop one in if the necessity for a pad would ruin my day (ie beach trip). So after hearing my friend loving her cup, I thought I was sold and picked one up (was about $27, on sale at a local sex/health shop). My intention was to do a "dry run" though I've seen on here that this isn't something that is recommended in a lot of cases--for me it is important that I can get the cup in and opened before "show time" so I know it will work. I have a bit of a "firehose" when I'm on my period--blood ends up in strange places I feel like it has no business being, so having an unopened cup up there would probably make a mess. I also work in an office with tiny busy bathrooms and gossipy/catty coworkers, so it's really not a great place to try to mess with a menstrual cup.

But I am getting discouraged. I have gotten the cup in a grand total of twice, after several painful attempts, and when I can get it in, I can't get it to open....until I've half pulled it back put. Then it snaps open right in my opening and hurts like a &@$#%!! I am not a Virgin but I am a lesbian so penetration is not a huge part of my sex life. I can use tampons, like I said, and I have had (painful but doable) Pap smears. Part of my problem is I have what I think is some thick hymen tissue around my opening, which the cup is getting caught on an pushing/stretching rather than going through, the two times I have gotten the cup in, once it gets past this tissue it's easy. I am using the push down fold, as it makes the tip smallest, I did try the c-fold but it makes the end too big, and I find the 7 fold too hard to hold in place. I can't figure out the origami fold!

Once the cup is in I have tried pushing poking wiggling, turning and dancing and that sucker will not pop open! I thought it did the second time I tried, it didn't feel "round" but I felt it shift and some suction but.... No dice.

I have only been lubing it so far with water, I will try actual lube once I'm less sore from the last attempts to get it in... Is it normally this hard/painful, or should I be looking for a smaller softer cup? (Suggestions?) I am determined to make this work!!

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