climbingpenguin (climbingpenguin) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Think I need a short cup but rather confused.

Sorry if this information is already there. I am having a hard time getting to grips with this forum.

I am now on my third month of trying the Mooncup but I think I have worked out it is too long for me. I always feel that my cup sits too low and I can't get in that high to start with. It sits a few mm out (stem all cut off). If I insert my finger into my vagina then I hit a block about 4.5 cm in. I've looked on the size chart and seen there are short ones. When I look on the brand information however it says these are for women who haven't had children yet.

I am 29, have had two children vaginally and don't have heavy flow (probably say light flow). I do have weak pelvic floor muscles, although I have been discharged from the physio. I can run without leaking unless period is imminent and I don't run too fast. I guess I am worried there is another reason the cup isn't sitting right. I can get it to not leak, but not reliably and I confident with seal and cleared pin holes etc.

I have been converted to menstrual cups but would like some help finding the one for me so pointers would be greatly appreciated. I didn't even know there were that many out there.
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, sizes/size issues
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