lvetodaylez (lvetodaylez) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Dry run with a new cup

I wanted to give an update about my experience with a new cup. I was previously using the Moon Cup (US version) and found it was too difficult to remove. I went ahead and ordered the Lunette, a purple Cynthia one in size 1. I received my order from Feminine Wear yesterday, and I was SO excited! It came just in time as I'm expecting my period within the next 24-48 hours. When I unboxed the cup, I thought, "Wow, this is really small. Is it going to be big enough to hold my flow?" The first day of my cycle is pretty light with the 2nd and 3rd day being moderate, and maybe heavy at night. The 4th and a sometimes 5th day are enough for a mini cloth pad.

This morning I thought my period had started but alas, it hadn't. I had some cramps this morning and figured I'd get a head start and just insert my cup. Inserting it was no problem. It didn't feel uncomfortable once inserted. It was so comfortable, a few times I forgot it was inside. I say that because I've been using the bathroom a lot (that tends to happen a lot when I'm on my period) and I had set a plate out on which to place my menstrual cup. I just liked the idea of it being out and on a special ceramic plate.

Anyway, I went to the gym and did my normal workout, no issues. I figured I would check and confirm that my period had started once I was finished with my shower. I wanted to test myself by removing the cup in the shower stall. Removing it was a breeze compared to removing the Moon Cup. It only took me 2 minutes (if that) to remove it compared to the 1o or 15 I had worked my way down to on my last time with the Moon Cup.

I took out the cup, and there was a lot of white discharge, which I thought was kind of weird. I typically have a lot of discharge AFTER my period. Oh well. I'm looking forward to getting my period and having a true run with the Lunette.

The Lunette is pretty soft compared to the Moon Cup, and the rim is not as thick, which is good. The stem is a little bit shorter than I'd like, but it shouldn't be a big issue. I think I've found the perfect cup! Thank you to those of you who offered input on my last post. It really helped.


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