firsttimecup (firsttimecup) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup questions~

This is my first time on livejournal and I recently learned about menstrual cups.. I've been really interested and read about it for hours. I've finally decided to try it. Some background on me
-I'm 14 years old
-I have a low cervix? (My tampon always rams against it)
-I have a moderate flow (would really like to change the cup every 9-12 hours)
-I want a cup that isn't too soft or too firm (don't want to feel it but it shouldn't leak from lack of suction)
-I am a virgin

I'm actually very scared of trying the cup but I think I will end up loving it. I've read that the Lunette size 1 would be good for my preferences. Is that true? Any other cups that fit this?
Also, I've read that the cups are not very messy.
About how much blood would you get on your hands? (Please don't compare to tampons or pads because they've never gotten on my hands)
Thank you so much for your help!!

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