Amelia (mood_swinger23) wrote in menstrual_cups,

It's that time for me to ask about sizing...AGAIN... :(

Now that the time has nearly come, I've tried out my (trimmed) Jasmine in hopes it would be able to work for my lower cervix days. I'm afraid it's just a tad too long. The stem is sticking out and I can feel pressure on my cervix (it's fully opened). I'm kind of bummed... not really sure what I'm going to do for my 2 heavy days right now since my two larger cups apparently won't work!

I posted something where I had a size discussion about a month ago, but am asking again.

I'm looking over LJ, thought I might want a Cuplee, but there's a few others that maybe I should consider? (Ruby? Shecup?)

According to the LJ, Jasmine is apparently smaller than the Diva? (I'm keeping it in for now hoping it maybe sucks up further, but with how I'm feeling right now I don't think that's possible...grr...) and I'm not quite sure just how much smaller I will need to go in height. Thoughts?

Unfortunately I can't get anything for this time around, so I will need to be ordering it for the future. Four cups, jeeze >.
Tags: ruby cup, shecup

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