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Fleurcup, Lunette, & MeLuna comparison pictures

Hi cuppers!

I have a few pictures comparing the sizes. As you can see for a new cupper I went kind of cup-happy and bought them all. So far in my experience, out of Lunette and Fleurcup, Fleurcup wins hands down. Lunette is still an amazing cup, I just feel as if the Fleurcup was custom made for me lol! And the color is just to die for! Nothing says period like a bright red cup lol! I have yet to use the MeLunas as I got those in last week.

Hope this helps some new cuppers! Pics after the cut!

Small & Large Fleurcup
Small & Large Fleurcup

Small & Large Lunette

Small, Medium, & Large MeLuna with Ring stem

Same MeLuna's as above but this is taken with flash, so more exact coloring, if anyone is interested.

Small & Large Fleurcup & Lunette

Again the same as above, but this shows how beautifully vibrant the red Fleurcup is! It's amazeballs!

Small Fleurcup, Small MeLuna, Medium MeLuna, Large MeLuna, Large Fleurcup

The Medium MeLuna is more comparable to in size to the Small Fleurcup and Small Lunette

This is the difference in capacity between the Large Lunette and Large Fleurcup. I first poured water in the Fleurcup, as flush to the bottom of the holes as possible. Then I poured the contents of the Fleurcup into the Lunette, again as flush to the bottom of the holes as possible. The left over water in the Fleurcup was this:

I have no idea how many mL's this is, but I tried to do this as exact as possible :) Hope this helps!!

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