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Cotton/floss and longer cups

Hi so I have heard of people tying floss to the ring of a MeLuna to help remove it. Also MeLuna sell this cotton thread but the shipping is insane if you're just buying that alone. :(
And I don't know what to look for safety-wise if I were try and buy regular cotton thread here in the UK. Maybe I should try floss (if there is a non-mint variety), idk what would be comfiest/most hygienic but MeLuna themselves don't mention using floss.

It would be nice not to have a string but small lunettes (what I have now) are actually one of the longest cups (including their stem) and I find them too short. :( It is a shame that the only cups with a ring to tie to are the melunas which are quite wide sadly.

They have the biggest variety in their makes and extra short cups so I emailed asking if they'd thought of extra long cups and they replied saying they didn't think it was a thing which was really in demand. I'd be interested to know if there are other people like me who would like longer cups, or easier to get thread, or more cups with rings etc. You know because I get the feeling some cup companies do pay attention and maybe if there is a demand then they'd make one. But perhaps it is just meeee. :(

-your thoughts on using floss/string with a cup, and where to get this cheaply in the UK which is safe for use
-is there a demand for longer cups or not really?
Tags: removal
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