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14 March 2013 @ 10:34 am
Hi all! I've never actually posted here before, though you all have been a HUGE asset during the past 9 or so months since I started with cups. I started with a Diva since it was readily available at a B&M store, then ordered a Lunette Selene when they were half off online. The Diva has always just been okay. Insertion is usually uneventful, except I struggle to get it to expand on my low cervix days due to the tiny holes. It's always comfortable, though. The Lunette ALWAYS opens with no problem, but on my more crampy, sensitive days, the firmer silicone is slightly uncomfortable and the stem can be pokey on low cervix days. All in all, I prefer my Lunette.

Problem is, it's gone missing. I've looked for it for the past 3 months and can't find it. I think my hubby may have accidentally tossed it. I decided to replace it, but went with the SckoonCup because I read here that it's softer, the stem is tapered and super flexible, I loved the darker blue "Meditation" color, and the price is comparable. I ordered it on the 8th, started my period the 9th, and received my cup on the 11th, so I was able to use it right away.

I really like the SckoonCup. It is noticeably softer than the Diva in the body and only slightly squishier at the rim. The diameter is pretty much the same. The body is shorter which is great for when my cervix moves down mid-cycle. I can't use my usual punch-down fold because the rim gets stuck inside, but the c-fold works just fine for getting it to pop open. I'm having an issue with the placement of the holes, though. They're nice and big, but they angle upward from the outside and open directly under the rim inside (pics below). My cervix is immediately past my pubic bone, which means that cups suction directly to my cervix as soon as they get past the bone and open. Since my cervix sits slightly inside my cups, and the SckoonCup holes are directly inside the rim, it completely covers the holes and air can't get into it AT ALL. The rim pops open perfectly, but the body of the cup stays collapsed in on itself. I find that I have to pull one side down just a teeny, tiny bit and ease it down on one side to let air in then try to ease it back up once it inflates. I usually end up pulling it too far and the whole cups slips out. After 2 days of fighting my SckoonCup, I'm pretty sore and very frustrated with it. I don't want to give up on it because it's insanely comfy when I DO get it in right, and it wasn't the cheapest cup ever. Any suggestions, fellow cuppers??? I really want this cup to work for me.



iudmamaiudmama on March 14th, 2013 02:48 pm (UTC)
I flipped mine inside out and found it easier to pop open that way - it changes the angle of the holes. However, it does still seem to take some mangling to get it to open fully.
I was chalking up some of my difficulties with it to doing a dry run and hoping my cervix would be more cooperative when AF arrives. Maybe it's just a learning curve going to a super soft cup.
I'll keep experimenting with folds and let you know if I figure out a better technique.

It is a really pretty and comfortable cup ~ hopefully we'll both get the hang of it soon!
kalypso6357kalypso6357 on March 14th, 2013 06:01 pm (UTC)
I haven't tried flipping inside out. I tried it with my Diva once when my cervix was particularly low and it was a disaster. I worry that removing the SckoonCup would be too hard since it's short in the body and the inside is especially shiny and smooth...

If I figure this thing out, I'll let you know! Thanks for your comment!