matchbox17 (matchbox17) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Debating Larger Cup

Hello All,
I'm another lurker on the community. From the posts already written, I decided to buy a small Lunette Selene and a small Yuuki a couple of months ago. I have been alternating between them. I love cups!

However, I think I need a slightly longer cup. From what I've read on here, I think that my cup is riding up, and my cervix is sitting in it and decreasing the capacity. I definitely want a cup with larger capacity. I'm not quite sure how much longer of a cup I need. Right now, my Lunette rides up so that the base of the cup is about 1 cm from the entrance of my vagina.
I'm a virgin and under 25, which is the common threshold to be over for larger cups.
I do know that I want a softer cup. I'm looking at either a Large CupLee, a Large Fleurcup, a Naturcup, a Rubycup, or a large MeLuna soft but I will take any suggestions. I'm kind of confused about what to get. I'm overwhelmed by all the choices, but at the same time glad that there are so many to choose from.
I know that I need more info to give you guys, but I can't think of what else to put. I will definitely answer any questions.
Tags: cup lee, fleurcup, meluna - soft, naturcup, ruby cup

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