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Hello everyone,
This is my first post here but I've been reading around for months before I decided to buy a mooncup UK.
I am a 23 year old who is not a virgin.

I had two practice dry runs before my period started and those went fine. Then when my period started everything seemed to be going okay, I wore panty liners just in case of small leaking - which did happen. My periods are only around 3 days long because I am on birth control, so on the second day I was out shopping around and needed to go to the bathroom so of course I took out the cup, only to not have enough room in the stall to apparently put it back in comfortably and the stem (which i had shortened) was out and irritating me. So when I got home I trimmed the stem more and that seemed to be better.

Fast forward to yesterday, my period is over and I just started a new pill meaning if i'm having sex we're wearing condoms the first week.
Everything was going okay until we moved positions and i had the worst pain on my cervix, now, I already have a low cervix and sometimes there is slight discomfort so we change positions again but this time it was extremely painful. It felt like someone had stuck a pen in there and was digging at it, and we had to stop.

Could it be my cup was not taken out properly by me? Or that there may be a tear or scratch from the stem?

I really like the option of using a cup but I don't understand why sex is so painful now?

please help me understand. thank you.
Ashatenlegspider on March 13th, 2013 02:15 pm (UTC)
Yes, it sounds like you've irritated your cervix, though presumably not with the stem unless things went really awry.

Your bathroom thing is unclear. Do you mean you take it out to poo (some people prefer do that) or when you need to pee? If it's the latter then you really don't need to do that, and you'll be less likely to hurt yourself if you're not taking it out all the time. Either way you'll get better with practice.
Belatsunat, the Inexorable: it is what it isinnostrantsa on March 14th, 2013 06:53 am (UTC)
I agree with the previous commenter-- and I too am sticking on your comment about the bathroom stall. It is possible that, when you weren't able to get your cup back in comfortably, the cervix irritation occurred-- either because the cup didn't sit well inside you, or didn't open completely. Your cervix may have been slightly bruised or otherwise made unhappy... I'm thinking constant suction, over time, in one (wrong) spot, from a wonkily-opened cup, or similar.