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CHOICES CHOICES! Divacup versus ???

Hi Community!

I ADORE my Divacup, but many of you suggested in a previous post of mine that a softer cup might help relieve the pressure my Diva puts on my bladder (Because feeling like you have to tinkle all the time isn't entirely pleasant).


I love my size 1 Diva in every way except that little annoyance of feeling like I have to pee way too often.
As far as diameter goes, I don't want to go too much bigger as removal can already be a bit yeeouch sometimes thanks to the size of the rim.
As for length, despite having light periods I like the length of the Diva as I only barely have to poke my finger inside, at any given time, to feel the stem (Which is cut rather short). I'm only really assuming my Diva stays in place thanks to the length though
I should add that I'm under 25, sexually active, and have never given birth
I also feel I should mention I'm allergic to latex (Although I think most cups are made from silicone)
EDIT: In addition, I have no idea where my cervix is, haha! I'm assuming it's rather high since I can't feel it with a finger, and yet my cup doesn't ride up at all so... ???


If I get a smaller one, is there going to be a chance of leakage? Or if it's shorter, will it ride up too high for me to reach?
Will the softness change make a difference?


I've currently been looking at the Natural Mamma, Cuplee, and Meluna Soft. Even if I do make a choice on one, I'm still teetering as to what size to get (ex. Meluna Soft medium looks too small, but the large diameter seems too big)
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions

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