dhp1001 (dhp1001) wrote in menstrual_cups,

odd smell in brand new Fleurcups

Hi all, I got one of the package deals from Fleurcup (one large and one small) in pink. They arrived and when my cycle was due to start then I boiled them. I used the small one when my period started and when I removed it, there was a gross fruity smell, to the point where I was about ready to call the doctor. Then I thought I'd check the large one because it was unused. It also had a faint fruity odor. I cleaned them both with alcohol wipes and reboiled them. The smell is still there. I wrote to Fleurcup and the response just reiterated that it was all medical grade silicon including in the color. No indication that they added any scents. Nothing about whether the smell was normal, not normal, etc. Weird odors to me generally mean bacteria or infection, and irritation - I avoid scented products like the plague. So I switched back to tampons for this cycle (sadly because the cup was much more comfortable) and thought I'd check here to see if anyone has ever noticed an odd smell in a new cup that maybe dissipates with use? It is very faint and fruity; almost strawberryish. It gets much stronger and nastier after being heated up in the body and exposed to menstrual fluids. I searched the archives, but have only found posts relating to after use odors. Has anyone noticed this with any new cups? Thank you!
Tags: cleaning - smells, first time use, fleurcup

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