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What do you wish you'd had for your first cup experience?

I'm putting together a sort of "gift pack" for a friend's daughter who is just a few years younger than me and seems like she might benefit from a menstrual cup. M., is in her mid-twenties, just had her first child, and like her mom (my coworker) has PCOS and has a horrible time with disposable bloodcatchers. Her husband is in grad school and she works for the same retail chain we do, so they're a little strapped for cash too, which means blowing through super ultra mega heavy pads and tampons at the rate of a pack and a half a month could end up taking away from other important stuff for their family. Once I started talking with her mom about my cup, she had the idea to split the 2 pack deal at Fleurcup so I save a little on shipping since I need a new one anyway, and M. gets to try one risk-free.

What I'd like to do is put together a little explanation, directions, and resource packet for her so it's not just some weird and potentially scary/freaky/gross thing her mom came up with. I know the basic care instructions will be important and probably some kind of guide for different folds and opening tactics, but what else should she know? Its been so long since I got my Diva Cup, I can't remember how figuring it out actually went beyond lots of "open cup, take out cup, cut off more stem, repeat".

So, what do you know or have you learned since getting your cup that you wish you'd known before you started?

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