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First time with cup-painful removal

Hi! The name is Courtney. I've been watching this community for years now and as my title states, I'm a first-time user of menstrual cups.

I realize that there have been recent posts about painful removal but I think my issue is different. I'm going to give a bit of a back story that may help.

Up until about mid-December, I thought it would take a LONG time to insert anything into my vagina. I'm 22. I have had issues with penetration up until a few months ago. For a while I thought I had vaginismus. Maybe I did have it. I don't know.
After four attempts (over the years) for a pap smear, a gynecologist was able to insert the speculum. I only flinched when she attempted to open it. I was pretty proud of myself, given the fact that I couldn't even insert a finger inside of my vagina without feeling pain. This gynecologist suggested that I try tampons. I bought some organic cotton tampons and my experience wasn't all that great-they weren't as absorbent as I would have liked and I knew it was there. So, since I am going to Costa Rica for a month and will be living with roommates for a 2 months this summer, I wanted to try my hand at menstrual cups. I have been using cloth pads for years and I've grown tired of them.

I ordered the Moon Cup by  Keeper since I had previously ordered it in the past and I liked how soft it was. Insertion on the first day of my period was not an issue.  Subsequent insertions haven't been so bad. I did have a few times where it popped open before I was ready. Yikes! Wearing it hasn't been an issue-until today where I'm feeling really uncomfortable but I think that's due to the painful removals.

Removals have been a nightmare. The day after my longest removal time, I could feel pain in my butt and my arms-probably from all the tensing I was doing during removal. =/ The longest it's taken me to remove it is over an hour. Considering the fact that I need to be studying for a mid-term and doing a lit review for my university job, an hour, TO ME, is a lot of time. The biggest issue seems to be the rim-getting it out. I have inserted a finger or two and tried to reach the rim but I can't. I eventually get one side of the rim out and then I'm able to sort of fold it more and get it out. It's just getting to that point that takes forever. It's also very painful. It's not my cervix that's the issue-at least I don't think it is. It seems to be the entrance of my vagina that's experiencing the most pain. I hope this makes sense.

I'm wondering if I should get the Meluna soft, as I'm assuming a softer rim would help with removal. I'm also open to other tips, so I don't have to buy another menstrual cup. I've kept inserting and dealing with the painful removal because I really want to get the hang of this.

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