Amelia (mood_swinger23) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A post about measurements!

Just like it says: a post about measurements!

Random questions! (Answer any, all, or none!)
Do you measure your flow? (Do you have a cup that measures your flow?)
Do you feel you have a heavy or light flow?

If you measure-- how much are your heaviest days? lightest?

Why I am asking:
I am considering getting myself yet ANOTHER cup, still not entirely convinced that what I have is working for me. I have a small Lunette, that tends to leak on my heavy days, but is comfortable to wear. I have a Large Fleur which is uncomfortable to wear, although it doesn't leak. And I have a knock-off Jasmine (basically a Diva with a longer stem). On about Day 3? last time around, I finally decided to trim the stem, which made it much more comfortable to wear. I had started thinking about getting a different cup before I trimmed the stem and was debating a Cuplee. I still am, somewhat.

The difference in capacity...
Small Lunette ~21 mL
Small Diva ~23 mL?
Large Fleur ~29 mL
Cuplee ~25 mL.

So really I came to the question of... how much difference does a few mL make? a Cuplee is only 2 mL more than the Jasmine (Diva comparison). I am one of those people with a heavy 2-3 first days, then a light 3-4 days that follow. I don't know what "heavy" means to me, though, to know how much capacity I really need.

So anything you can share about measurements/capacity/what they mean to you, I'd love to hear! Thanks.
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